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This is a story about two girls...

The Lord gave Mama Lois the vision for Grace House 28 years ago. Over the course of almost three decades, our ministry has provided stable, Christian homes to more than 500 Alabama girls in foster care. Every one of those girls received family care, a quality education, and the Good News about Jesus Christ during her time at Grace House - and every one of them has a story to share. But this story? This is a story about two girls, the full-circle journey that brought them from resident to staff member, and the calling God has on their lives.

Eboney was 15 years old when her social worker brought her to Grace House. She remembers her first thought being how big the house seemed. But she soon realized what truly set Grace House apart - “It wasn’t like the other group homes I’d experienced. More of a home environment, an actual house and not a facility. It was a whole new world.” Eboney lived at Grace House for 3 years until she turned 18 and graduated from Restoration Academy. When she thinks back, she remembers, “For the first time, I was happy at school and I was happy at home. I felt so safe that I was able to calm down, actually have fun and actually be a student. I felt like a kid finally.”

Hannah was older than Eboney - newly 17. She’d run away from every foster home she lived in, and her social worker told her that if Grace House didn’t work out she might have to be placed in a lockdown facility. Hannah shared, “When I first got to Grace House, I wasn’t spiritual at all. I felt like if there was a God, he definitely didn’t love me.” One night about a month after she arrived, Hannah found out two of her family members had relapsed. “I didn’t know if I wanted to live anymore. But my House Mom told me how much God loved me and how He could use Grace House to restore my life. That night, I gave my life to Christ. Looking back, there’s no telling where my life would be now if I hadn’t come to Grace House to find Christ.”

But that isn’t where the story ends. Eboney went on to earn a Master of Social Work from the University of Alabama and Hannah received a certificate in Ministry Leadership from Highlands College. The Lord’s calling on their lives continues to be revealed day by day - both Eboney and Hannah joined the staff at Grace House last year. Eboney is a Case Manager and Hannah is the Ministry & Volunteer Coordinator. Eboney recalled, “My mentor asked me what my dream job would be and I said Grace House, because I know it works. I watched it work in my life and the lives of girls who are still my lifelong friends. [...] Now even when I have to work long hours, it doesn’t phase me. That’s how I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”


"God has a calling on everyone’s life, but it’s hard to see it when you’re a girl that’s been abandoned or abused,” says Hannah, “Grace House tells girls, ‘Now you have clean sheets, you have food on the table, you have a family around you. Now that your needs are fulfilled, let’s open your eyes to see what’s more than food on your plate - what’s food for your mind, your soul, and your spirit.’”

This is the work you’re supporting when you give to Grace House Ministries. With your help, girls can continue coming to Grace House to discover God’s calling for their lives. 



Eboney at age 14


Hannah at age 15


Hannah and Eboney today

(ages 24 and 26), Grace House

staff members

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