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Help Spread the Word...


We need your help to spread the word about the amazing things the Lord is doing at Grace House. These are some ideas on how to engage your church, workplace, and friends in growing Grace House Ministries.


  • Visit our campus. We keep a running schedule of "Talk and Tours" that are open to anyone interested in learning more about Grace House. Please RSVP to

    • ​Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m.

    • Every Wednesday and Friday at 1 p.m

    • Every 2nd Saturday at 10 a.m.


  • Book a speaker. 

  • Organize a supply. Many groups are brought together by collecting some of the items we need on a daily basis at Grace House.Get your group to hold a clothing, linen, or school supply drive for the girls at Grace House! Click here to see our list of practical gift ideas.


  • Host a gathering in your home. If you have a knack for entertaining or simply a desire to gather your friends and family in the comfort of your home to learn more about Grace House, we will come to you!  Pick a date and a menu, and we will bring the Grace House message with us.




"How wonderful that no one need wait

a single moment to improve the world." -Anne Frank

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